A Wolf in the City

After joining the PRCO family in fall 2015 for their debut release, ‘HEAVY’, the band has quickly formed a close knit following and created a confident presence in the Orlando music scene. Every aspect of both their recordings and live performances is spilling over with raw talent and real feeling; left untainted by needless polishing and heavy grooming. '

"Emotionally stimulating and passionately driven, A Wolf in the City emerges from central Florida as a fresh face for eager fans of Emo/Alt Rock. From the moment they take to the limelight, the audience locks in with shining eyes and fluttering hearts, singing along every word with the bands frontman Robbie Verdin."

Members: Robbie Verdin (Vocals), Clayton Arrighi (Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals), Stephen Burke (Bass), Jentzen Judice (Drums), Joshua Juergensmeyer (Rhythm Guitar)

Download/Stream their debut EP 'HEAVY' here.
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