Pathos, Pathos

Poppy. Catchy. Groomed.

 Pathos, Pathos bring new meaning to the words, while being the nicest nice guys you’ve ever met, assuming you’ve been given the opportunity. It would be too easy to say that their music will impress you, or that it will most certainly get stuck in your head like gum to your shoe; as true as those statements would be.

Beyond producing some of the most pleasurable timbres and tones imaginable, Pathos, Pathos has a knack for writing melodies so naturally occurring that within a singular listen their songs will feel familiar; as if they’re the tunes you’ve been waiting for and now that they’re here you regret every second before having heard them.

If hooks are your weakness, prepare to be feeble. If heart wrenching lines draped in almost too sweet, soul-swooning instrumentals are what you’re in search of, look no further; the songs of Pathos, Pathos will guide you on your journey.

Familiar Homes' - EP, 2015 (self released)
'Pet Names' - EP, 2016 (self released)
'Lucky Charm' - EP, 2017 (Pineapple Record Co.)

Members: Matthew Walsh, Frank Palencia, James Murphy

Stream/Purchase their new EP 'Lucky Charm' here on vinyl + CD + digital
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