Chase Patterson has been a steady piece of the Orlando music scene much longer
than most bands ever last, performing as Solaseria and being a part of City of Ifa
and Tree and the Machine. After relentlessly writing and releasing material over the
last decade, Solaseria has returned from hiatus to join Pineapple Record Co. for
his newest release, 'The Theoretical Risk of Harm'.  

"With expressive guitars and vocals tinged with nostalgia, Solaseria evokes contemplative emotion reflective of acts like Death Cab For Cutie and Chris Garneau. Emerging from hiatus, Solaseria passionately stakes the 10 year milestone with 'The Theoretical Risk of Harm'"

'Grantle Fina, the EP', 2010 (self released)
'Brown Eyes, Yellow Devil, and the Rebirth', 2012 (self released)
'The Theoretical Risk of Harm', 2016 (Pineapple Record Co.)

Members: Chase Patterson

Preorder Solaseria's EP "The Theoretical Risk of Harm" here. 
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