The Welzeins

The Welzeins

“We try to be as loud as we can - everything else after that is an accident.”

The Welzeins are two loud dudes on a mission to make your ears bleed and your ass shake. Filtering elements of surf, noise rock, and psychedelia through a wall of fuzz can only lead to one thing: Rock and Roll Annihilation. If sledgehammer guitars, hurricane drums, and torn throat vocals sound like your kind of thing, then The Welzeins are not to be missed.

‘The Welzeins EP’, 2013 (self released)
‘The Welzeins’ (Self-titled full length), 2014 (self released)
‘Megafauna’, 2015 (Pineapple Record Co.)

Members: RJ Nordstrom (vocals, guitar), Matt Wassum (drums, percussion)

Download/Stream their new EP 'Megafauna' here
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